Using Website Analytics : Understanding How Customers Behave

Website Analytics allow you to see how your website is really performing, & therefore how you can improve it.

Many website analytics programs exist that show you which keywords customers are using to find your site, where they are geographically, which pages they visited, & even which customers bought from your website.

This kind of in depth analytics is invaluable in understanding what works & what doesn’t on your website.

Website Analytics : The Key To Continuous Improvement

Website Analytics involves introducing a small piece of code into your website which then allows external software to track customer behaviour once that they have entered your website, allowing you to understand what works & what doesn’t so that you can continuously improve website optimization.

Usually you can see which keywords website traffic used to arrive at your website, which page they landed on, which pages they looked at, where they are geographically, & much more besides.

There are many pieces of software & paid services available for analyzing website activity & customer behaviour, but really all that you need in the vast majority of cases is to use Googles own free software, Google Analytics.

Google analytics gives you an incredible amount of in depth analysis of what really going on within your website, & who better to take the information from but the very search engine that you’d like your website to rank highly within.

Of course the trick once that you have the data is to know how to use it best, & Ampersat IP Ltd can help.

We offer a Monthly Website optimization service where we provide you with a comprehensive report on search engine rankings, keyword analysis, & Customer Behaviour, and then issue updates & conduct link building activities to keep your search engine optimization in tip top condition.