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SEO Experts are your local Keighley web designers and digital marketing specialists, with over 15 years experience of designing and building customer focused websites of all sizes, from sole traders to large e-commerce stores, that deliver impressive results in terms of sales and bringing in new customers.

All of our websites are responsive, meaning they look perfect on all devices, desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

They also have a control panel so you can log in and add new pages, or alter existing ones (or we can do that for you if you prefer).

It doesn’t matter whether you need a full online shop or a simple “this is us” website so that people can find you easily online, we will design and build the perfect website for your business that will rank highly in Google, and convince visitors to take action and get in touch or order from you.

[Did you know that according to Google 97% of people find local goods and services online, and 88% of searches  for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours? – read more]

We offer great value for money for our digital marketing and web design – Keighley local businesses and organisations choose us to design their websites since we are a local business ourselves and give you a ‘hands on’ service.

What will my web design look like?

Basically your website can look however you want it to, in fact if you can show us some of your competitors websites that you like, then we will make you one that looks even better – how about that?

The difference between yours and their websites will be that yours will be properly optimised for Google, and will also be optimised to generate as many sales as possible.

We’ll help you to rapidly beat your competition and grow your business fast.

Remember that it’s no good having a great looking website if no one can find it, or no one buys from it. We make sure these are problems you’ll never have because we understand how Google works, and we understand how people behave online and what makes them want to buy.

We know that there are loads of web designers in Keighley and the surrounding areas who can make a nice looking website, but none of them have the specialised digital marketing knowledge of how to make you a website that will rank well in Google and sell efficiently to your target audience.

Our background is from working in sales and marketing at large businesses, like a FTSE 250 company that turned over roughly £800 million per year, so we know what we’re doing.

No matter the size of your project or your budget, whether you’re  an established business, a start up, or a sole trader, we will always treat you with the same respect, professionalism, and commitment to competitive prices as all of our clients.

Web Design for Keighley Businesses – Essential Considerations to Maximise Sales

Your business website needs to do a number of things:

  1. Effectively promote your business, products or services.
  2. Rank well in Google so potential customers can find you.
  3. Explain efficiently & quickly how you or your products can solve their problems.
  4. Guide them into taking some form of action.

This comes down to more than just how your website looks, it requires careful thought into the design and build of your site (more on this below). Considering the 4 points above:

Designing a website to effectively promote your business

What this means is that your website design needs to instantly convey what your core business is, and look professional while also being welcoming to the visitor.

A lot of websites end up being “brochure” type websites where the content is written in a very strange pseudo-corporate language and the focus is all about educating the visitor all about you.

No one wants to read a load of boring waffle about a business, and they don’t enjoy soapbox type monologues.

The truth is that they are not interested in you or your mission statements or qualifications, they are interested in knowing if you can fix their problems.

Successful websites focus on the visitor and explain how you will help them (more shortly).

Our websites are designed to do just that.

[Read more here:]

Ranking well in Google

This is the achilles heel of many online businesses, they have a website but they just can’t seem to get anywhere in Google.

Often this comes down to the website not being properly built or structured, it’s critical that as part of your web design you tick all of the Google boxes.

We make sure that your website does by building high quality SEO into your site from the beginning.

You can learn more about how SEO works and some of what we do here:

Efficiently and quickly showing how you can solve your visitors problems

This is following from the point above. It is essential that you focus on displaying how you understand the visitors problems, what those problems mean to them, and most importantly how you will fix them.

Rather than repeat it here, you can read an in depth article here:

Guiding visitor behaviour

This comes down to Conversion Rate Optimisation, and also using careful thinking about how you present your products, services, pricing and offers.

Even simple changes to the way prices are displayed can have dramatic effects on turnover and profit (see here [] for a detailed explanation and turnover increase related to the video below):

Imagine the dramatic increase in revenue and profit when you not only have a great looking website, but also one that ranks well in Google delivering lots of potential customers to you, and that also uses sophisticated techniques as above to maximise sales.

Web Design Keighley – Our World Class Website Building Process

We don’t just throw a lot of styles, layouts and designs together to make a pretty website, before the first line of code we really go to town to make sure you’re going to end up with a site that delivers solid results.

To do this we focus on:

  1. Understanding you, your business, your products and your services.
  2. Understanding your Ideal Client Avatar.
  3. Defining what problems they need to solve.
  4. Identifying the likely keywords they will search for to find solutions to those problems.
  5. Use this to work out the site structure and necessary content.
  6. Define the best page layout to quickly prove you can solve their problems.
  7. Create a visitor flow path to guide them to take the action you want.

Looking at these in a little more depth:

Understanding your business

By getting to know what you want to achieve, what your core business activities are, and the problems your products and services solve we can identify your ideal customer.

Ideal Client Avatar

If you can identify your ideal client then you can build your site around explaining how you will satisfy their needs.

Solving their problems

If you have identified your ideal client and their problem and the pain it is causing them, then you have a roadmap to guide a website design that can attract the maximum number of visitors and make the maximum number of sales.

Ideal client keyword searches

People often don’t know what the solution to their problem is, so rather than searching for “product name” they search more along the lines of “how do I solve this problem.”

By understanding who the ideal client is and what they are trying to solve you can uncover a whole host of keywords that can deliver tremendous results.

Your web design structure and content

Using all of the above we can now determine the ideal structure and content of your web design so that not only is it clear for the visitor, but also for Google.

This will boost not only your search rankings, but the sales you will achieve.

Web page layout

The layout of the page has to be focused on the visitor and their needs, and they need to see quickly that you can solve their problem.

This is also known as conversion rate optimisation, and we also cover some of the other considerations here (as already linked to above).

Guiding the visitor path through your website

This is the combination of all of the above where you guide your visitors journey through your webpage and website to encourage them to take some form of action, maybe to get in touch or to buy a product.

Our Keighley Web Design Process Summary

By getting all of the points above right you will end up with more than just a great looking website that works on all devices.

You’ll have a website that is designed to attract your ideal clients and to “speak” to them, showing that not only do you understand their problems, but you are also the right people to fix them.

This results in maximum numbers of visitors, and most importantly maximum numbers of sales.

Website Management for Keighley Businesses

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused chaos for all businesses across the whole of the UK, and many need to maintain their online presence and performance while cutting overheads and costs.

We can help local Keighley businesses to prosper and thrive in these difficult times, by providing a full website management package.

By taking over the maintenance, updating, and digital marketing of your business we give you high-value business support for a fraction of your current costs.

Not only will you substantially reduce your costs, you can also stop worrying about the day to day running of your company website and the marketing effort that goes into it.

Web Designers in Keighley

We offer high value web design in Keighley at very affordable prices.

We also provide SEO, Google Ads, and internet marketing expertise, together with excellent, reliable and fast website hosting for all Keighley businesses and organisations.

We can help you to manage and succeed in every aspect of your internet activity.

We are a professional Keighley web design business, working with the latest technologies and following up to date best practices in the design of your website, and it’s online marketing. You can also be sure that we are extremely competitive and we deliver excellent results at real value for money prices.

Some Web Design Examples and their Google Rankings

A Web Design for a Local Keighley Company

A simple website designed to rank in Google locally and get local people to get in touch and take action.

If you check the Google rankings for the following searches you’ll see it’s on page 1 for all of them:

  • House clearance Keighley (check here)
  • House clearances Skipton
  • House clearance Bradford
  • House clearance Leeds
  • House clearance Harrogate, etc.

Obviously being at the top of Google brings a lot of visitors, and having a website that converts well brings a lot of business.

A Website for a London Based Interior Designer

Clearly it’s much tougher to be on page 1 of Google in London, and yet here is another website we designed and built for an interior designer, and extremely lucrative market.

If you check the Google rankings for the following searches you’ll see it’s on page 1 for all of them:

  • Interior design Kings Cross (check here)
  • Interior design Fulham
  • Interior design Clapham
  • Interior design Twickenham
  • And even Interior design Jersey, etc

A Large e-Commerce Store Web Design

This is in a highly competitive marketplace and ranks highly on page 1 of Google for various brand names, like:

  • Amtico
  • Karndean
  • Livyn, etc

You can imagine how much this kind of performance and these kinds of rankings are worth to your business.

We provide web design services in Keighley and the surrounding areas including Oakworth, Haworth, Sutton in Craven, Cullingworth, Laycock, Harden, Riddlesden, East Morton, Steeton, Cowling, and Oxenhope.

Our Webdesign Service Gives You:

  • Great looking website
  • Great Google rankings (see examples below)
  • Content optimised for sales
  • Ongoing support
  • Top quality hosting
  • SSL (security) certificate
  • Google Ads advice
  • Digital marketing advice
  • Website management if needed
  • SEO campaign (optional)
  • Other online marketing campaigns (optional)

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