WordPress E-commerce Website Rebuilt (to look exactly the same – again!)

This job was a website design for a Keighley company.

Ex-Pressed Steel Panels are a great West/North Yorkshire company based near Cowling, which is close to Keighley and Skipton.

They produce replacement panels for a range of classic cars like (if you’re old enough to remember) the Ford Zephyr or the Triumph among many others.

The original website was built a few years ago using WordPress, and looks great, but the site was only a few weeks old when there started to be a few problems of things not functioning properly.

Despite being built by a “full service digital agency” the person who had built the site had left, and no one there could fix the issues, meaning the site software and plugins couldn’t be updated (every time they tried the site broke), which then leaves you open to all kinds of security vulnerabilities.

Having tried another web designer who couldn’t fix the issues SEO Experts stepped in to help get the site back up and running, but it was very much a case of having to keep patching and fixing different problems as they arose.

Eventually Expressed Steel Panels decided they wanted to fix it all once and for all, and so we rebuilt the entire site (and it’s a very big site with lots of data and products), still using WordPress, but using Elementor Pro as the platform to create the theme.

Using the same fonts, the same images, and recreating the same layout, all of the problematic areas of the site were fixed, un-necessary plugins removed, and additional extras added.

It’s really important if you use WordPress to make sure you follow good standard practicies to avoid conflicts, issues, and broken features and functions on your website.

Elementor is a great help in easily and intuitively being able to create a site just how you want it to look.

Recreating the site to look exactly as it did previously, but without the constant worry of things breaking or not being able to update plugins