David CameronHere’s a quick update to my “Toffee Nosed Twits” SEO experiment (see here) that I started on the 27th November 2014, the aim being to get the Conservative Party website ranking on page 1 of Google for the phrase “toffee nosed twits”.

Iit was set up to balance things up in relation to my “Champagne Socialists” SEO experiment (here), where I am trying to get the Labour Party website ranking for that phrase.

Anyway, it’s only 5 days since I started the “toffee nosed” experiment and today the Conservatives are at no.9 on page 1 of Google when you search for “toffee nosed twits”, so that’s a fantastic result.

The Labour experiment has been running for 11 days and so far it hasn’t budged, I guess that the Tory Party site must be more Google-icious than Ed Milibands.

Stay tuned for further updates.