Ed Milliband - Champagne Socialist?Since the general election is due next year, and in the spirit of true British Tom-Foolery, we decided to run an SEO experiment to poke a bit of fun at Ed Miliband, the unusual “leader” of the Labour party, and his band of merry champagne socialists.

A lot of people here in in the UK think that Labour have no idea about the problems facing normal British people, and they are accused of being out of touch Islington socialists, or champagne socialists, in other words people who are very wealthy who try to claim they are all out for the working man.

After Emily Thornberry’s recent Tweeting that seemed to sneer at and look down upon the British people, we thought it would be very funny if we could get the official Labour Party website (http://www.labour.org.uk/) ranking at or near the top of page 1 for the phrase “Champagne Socialists”.

We’re going to be doing a couple of things to try and achieve this, including using the site http://champagnesocialists.co.uk/as part of the strategy.

Currently the Labour Party website doesn’t rank at all for the phrase (well I checked the first 20 pages of results and they aren’t in there), let’s see how they do over the next few days, I’ll report back later.