Don’t worry I promise this is a super quick summary of the past 3 posts:

  1. Why isn’t anyone buying from my website?
  2. How can I increase Sales on my website?
  3. How to increase visitors to my website?

I’ve also used another beer related image here from the excellent and local Timothy Taylors brewery in Keighley (who Madonna once said was her favourite tipple, so I’m in good company there I think. Or bad. Depending on your taste).

I don’t want you to think I’m obsessed with beer, although the ex-wife might disagree, but strangely this little ditty also involves her. I’ll get onto that in a minute, bear with me.

In the previous 3 sections we’ve seen why people don’t buy from websites, or rather the very real mistakes many websites make that hold them back and keep their sales from where they perhaps ought to be.

One of the ironies is that the closer you are to your website and business, the less you can see where the problems are, and the less likely you’ll be able to fix them.

So always ask for an extra pair of eyes to see what someone else will tell you, as long as they are honest with you and not a friend or family member who doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

It’s kind of like going to the doctors – do you want them to keep telling you everything is tickety boo, or that if you don’t have this operation you’ll lose your leg?

Would you rather keep your leg, or not be upset by the news?

When it comes to increasing sales you really need to put yourself in the shoes of the person visiting your website, what do they want, what are they looking for, how can you convince them you can make them happy?

I’m not talking about lying to them or misleading them, but rather presenting what you do in a way that will appeal the most to them.

A bit like going for a job. Do you want to go in there to the interview and tell them all about you, what you think, how you think things should be done, or do you want to hear what they want, then tell them how you can fit yourself around that?

And finally, before the grand summary, when it comes to getting more visitors, the more you really focus on them and what they are looking for, the more you can create the right content and present yourself in the best way to them.

Remember you are not the recruiter looking for an employee, you are the employee looking for the employer.

So, in summary since we’re talking about beer and Timothy Taylors and jobs, here’s a little story for you.

Many moons ago I worked in sales, I had a great job with a FTSE 250 company earning a huge amount of money, company car, pension, etc.

And my then girlfriend had never had a career path.

She’d worked in various bar and casual jobs.

She wanted to apply for a job with the Abbey National Building Society but just didn’t think her resume (or CV) would cut the mustard if it said “bar maid”.

This was at the time when every job, no matter how straightforward was being bigged up to sound very grand, mainly so the employer could give someone a new grand sounding title instead of a pay rise.

So I sat down with her and re-wrote it, and here’s what I suggested to her.

First you’ve been working behind a bar which involves selling drinks, right?


And another word for a drink is a beverage, right?


And since some of these people are coming to a real ale pub, do they ever ask for your advice on the different types of beers?


Okay, so you were not a barmaid then, you were a “Beverage Sales Technician”.

And that’s what she put on her CV, despite her reservations that is what she re-titled herself – which was pretty much true.

She got an interview, was absolutely terrified in case they dug deeper, but they didn’t.

She had the interview, the interviewer said “and I see you have been a beverage sales technician?”

She said “yes” and they just moved onto the next question.

Didn’t ask any more, enquire what that meant, nothing, so you might think the interviewer did a bad job, or that it fits with the Dan Ariely stuff we looked at here, but either way…

If you think about what the other person is looking for, present the solution to them in a clear to understand way, use language that they feel fits what they want, and the pricing is right, then bar maid or beverage sales technician you’ve a far better chance of ending up with a sale.

I really hope that is useful to you and if you need any help then just reach out to us, we’re here to help you.

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