SEO in the Future – 2021 and Beyond

SEO in the Future - 2021 and Beyond

You Want to Beat Google in 2021 and Beyond? Better Read ALL OF THIS THEN! Let’s consider two images On the left, the sparkly interconnectedness of all things, you probably think that represnts the internet and Google and all things interwebbery. And you’d probably be right, because

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What is the Google Dance?

Sometimes you’ll find that if you do a search for a keyword your website will appear in position X. You search again 30 minutes later and you see you’re in position XX. 3 hours later and you’re back in position X. An hour after this and you’re

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There’s More to Life than Ranking

Okay, let’s face it, the big bogey that is SEO – what is the point in ranking in Google if what you have to offer isn’t what the searcher is looking for? It’s like funneling people to the end of a street promising them a McDonalds when

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