You Want to Beat Google in 2021 and Beyond? Better Read ALL OF THIS THEN!

Let's consider two images

On the left, the sparkly interconnectedness of all things, you probably think that represnts the internet and Google and all things interwebbery.

And you’d probably be right, because it does look like that.

There are millions and millions of webstes all linking to each other, some are bigger than others (like if CERN linked to you and your website is about quantum physics) that would probably count for something, but if your are Joe Shmoe from idaho, no one knows who you are and you work in a factory that smoked kippers, then what do you know about quantum physics?

It’s true, you could be the next Albert Einstein in waiting, but unless you are acknowledged as that, then you’re just plain old Joe as far as Google and the rest of the world are concerned.

The problem is the right side, and how things are going to go – where it’s ALL ABOUT SPYING ON YOU – see below for details.

So Is There A Problem Here?

In the beginning, Google started by working out which websites should be shown the highest by counting how many websites linked to them.

Since WordPress and etc didn’t exist, the only way a link could exist is if a website owner went out of their way to physically code and create it.

But as time passed by people got lazy, and wanted easy ways to create and update pages, and so you could use software to create thousands of links per day.

To blog posts and forums and etc.

And so it became easy to manipulate the system and get your website to rank higher and higher and higher.

Whichever way Google twisted or turned their dials, the evil rankings manipulators would find a way around it to get their sites to the top of Gogole.

DRAT – said Google!

It’s not fair. The only way we make money is if people CAN’T get their websites to rank well, then they HAVE to pay us for visitors, and so then WE’LL make more money.

But that’s a conundrum isn’t it? You want people to THINK you’re a search engine, when you might actually be an advertising platform, but in any case – how can you stop people from making free money, when you could take a cut instead?

Then one day a genius at Google had an idea.

I know he said!

Lets top paying attention to the links and instead create something known as the knowledge graph.

What’s that? Asked the other Google minions in unison?

Well, said the genius, right now what we’re doing is looking at links and seeing where each website points, and if website A points to website B and the link says (instead of “click here”) get it here – then we think that’s a good sign we can get it there.

But what if – he continued – instead of following that link and thinking, ooh we can get it there – we followed the person who MADE that search – and see if he really did GET IT THERE?

Then we’d really know if that data WAS connected, so we could understand what “getting it here” really means.

So you mean – spy on people?

YEAH! – spy on them. I mean they have their phones in their pockets all day, if they search for “what time does morrisons in basingstoke shut?” we don’t just tell them the answer, we remind them they visited there at 3.22pm last Tuesday.

We now know who they are, where they go, what they do, where they work, where they shop, what they want to buy – like last week while I was randomly watching Dave from Accrington he was looking round a Ford car showroom and I just knew he’d buy one. I fired a few ads at him for cars and insurance and service deals but he didn’t respond.

I’ll send him a few more.

The Point Is This

Okay – in the past to rank in Google you’d need a load of links all pointing to your website with the same keyword “get it here” or whatever.

This can always be manipulated – you can always get links from somewhere.

But what you can’t do is manipulate the behaviour of millions and millions of people.

If instead of looking at, and measuring links you can look at the behaviour of the actual end user, the person who makes the search – then no one can cheat that.

So Joe Schmoe from Idaho works at a smoked kipper factory, and Google knows he does that, and he makes a search at work about his business, and they know that his search (and the website he visited) answered his questions – then Google KNOW that this website is relevant.

Do you think Google spent Hundreds of Millions on Analytics software, or maps, or places, or street view so they could give it away for free?

Because they’re caring, feeling humans?

Don’t be evil used to be their motto, now it’s supposedly “Do the right thing” – for whom?

Us or them?

Did they do all this through philanthropy?

Of course not, they want to see who you are, and what you do, and what you want, and where you work, so they can tailor their ads perfectly towards you.

That’s all that matters – not quality of life, not being a human – it’s how much can I earn from this person by marketing to them.

That. Is. It.

So imagine that you are an industrial chemist, and Google knows you are an industrial chemist, and from your place of work you make a search in Google and after visiting 3 websites you decide that none of them answered the question (you came back to Google then went to the next site – that’s how Google know none of those sites answered the question).

You then try a slightly different search, closely related to the first search, but aimed at bringing up different solutions (Google say over 35% of all searches now are unique) – you go to website 1 then back to Google, you go to website 2 and then stay on there for some time.

When you come back to Google your next search is “what’s on tv tonight” or something else totally disconnected from the first 2 searches.

Google now knows that the last site you visited was the one that provided the right technical answer to you, a person who is a professional in that field, and so someone who is qualified to make that assessment.

Who needs websites linking to websites, when you can see the moment by moment behaviour of individual searchers?

Isn’t that more important than which websites link to that website – that the user finds what they need?

And how can you manipulate this?

You can manipulate links coming from hundreds of different places, but how can you possibly manipulate the behaviour of tens of millions of people?

Well – there is always a way as long as the sun comes up in the morning, and goes down in the evening, and probably even if that doesn’t happen too.

Just contact me if you want to know how, and we can talk.

Because there is a way and we can help you with that.

The benefit to you is that if you start now, then you’ll be way ahead of the curve when this does finally happen – and believe us, it is going to happen soon.