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seo for legal professionals, solicitors, and lawyersThe legal profession is an incredibly competitive one, which is not surprising when you consider the potential value of business.

We have successfully achieved top Google rankings for a leading London solicitor (dealing with high net worth individuals) for some incredibly difficult search terms like “divorce solicitors“.

For this reason it is extremely important to ensure a prominent Google ranking for the key areas of law that you practice – Google account for around 90% of UK searches, so it isn’t really worth spending too much time worrying about other search engines.

Add to this the fact that Google claim that over 90% of people now search online first for local goods and services rather than using “old fashioned” marketing tools like the Yellow pages and, you can easily see why SEO or search engine optimisation (the art of getting your site to rank as high as possible in the results) is critical to the health of your practice.

On top of this, the difference that it will make in terms of the number of enquiries that you will receive when you are in the top 5 places on page 1 of Google compared to being lower down in the results, is exactly the same difference between night and day.

The bottom line is that in todays world you need to have a good, strong, high search engine visibility to be able to thrive.

This is where we can help you.

We use a number of cutting edge methods to rank our clients, and some of our most successful case studies are solicitors and lawyers who are experts in a diverse array of legal disciplines.

Clearly we can’t explicitly state who our clients are right here on an open website, nor can we tell you exactly how we achieve such top end results for those clients, however if you’d like to call or email us then we may be able to discuss this in more detail.

The most important things that you need to know are:

  1. We can and will help you to improve your search engine visibility;
  2. We use cutting edge “hands on” SEO techniques that you won’t find elsewhere;
  3. Our methods are designed to be low key so that they are unlikely to cause any problems with Google (of course Google change the rules frequently, so while it is highly unlikely that anything we do could cause you any problems whatsoever, Google are a law unto themselves and who knows what they might do tomorrow);
  4. If we don’t improve your rankings – i.e. get you to page 1 – then we will simply give you your money back;

I guess one way to think of it is this:

Suppose that we get you ranking at no.3 in Google for “divorce solicitor Leeds” (or wherever you are based) – think about how much traffic that would bring to your website, and about how many enquiries that traffic would bring – and then think about the typical costs of a divorce case that you’ll be able to bill (or defamation, or an injury case, or whatever your particular specialty is) – just how much would each case that you subsequently win be worth?

It is easy to see when you think of it in these terms that even though it could take 6 to 9 months to achieve the page 1 results you need, that actually the subsequent return on investment (ROI) is substantial.

Honestly what would you rather do?

Keep on paying through the nose for the same old expensive ads in tired old journals and phone books that bring little, if any, return, or try something new that has no risks, no downside, but a huge potential upside to it?

It’s up to you to decide really, but if you’d like to at least explore the possibility then please feel free to call or email us for an informal, hopefully informative, confidential, and of course completely obligation free discussion and analysis of your needs, wants, and how we think we can make all of that happen for you.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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