The turnover for this company more than tripled in under 18 months.

People see SEO as being the only way to increase their sales – if they can rank higher in Google then they will sell more, but as you’ll see below there is a faster, easier, more cost effective way.

We have permission to use this case study, but for commercial reasons not to name the company or website.

This business offers a removals and delivery service for both businesses and consumers so is a B2B and B2C service, doing things like office clearances and business or home relocation.

The core problems that we identified were that:

  1. The industry itself creates distrust among potential customers because there are so many unreliable “man with a van” enterprises, and call centre operations where you think you’re getting a local service but they might be based in Aberdeen and just sending along anyone with a van in your area;
  2. There was nothing on the website to put the customers mind at ease, or to give credibility for the business, or the standard of work, or who the customer was dealing with;
  3. The website was quite vague in terms of what the business does, and what the customer can expect;
  4. Pricing options were not clear or easy to find;
  5. The website needed to cover many different locations but struggled to achieve this;

Our solution:

  1. To overcome the industry wide issues with trust we made it perfectly clear who the customer would be dealing with and gave clear contact and address details so that they could see the business was genuine and local;
  2. We added 5 separate credibility signals to give the visitor the confidence to buy, and rather than just showing testimonials, etc, in this case a picture really does speak a thousand words, with “before and after” shots of various jobs working much better than just words;
  3. We helped to structure the content so that the visitor could see immediately that all of their concerns and worries would be dealt with professionally;
  4. We made the pricing clear and concise and made it easy to find;
  5. We also used a clever technique that I’m not going to reveal here to increase the number of calls the business received from the different locations they covered.

The result:

When we first worked with this small business they only needed 1 van to fulfil their business requirements. 18 months later they had 3 vans permanently on the road to cope with the extra workload.

This was due to the combined result of more people visiting their website because of (5) above (and also better Google rankings as a result of our work), plus more of their website visitors actually getting in touch with them and booking their services.

It sounds quite straightforward, but in this job the real skill was in identifying the issues that potential customers faced, understanding how to overcome their mistrust of the industry in general, and then convincing them that this business could deal with all of the above and deliver the results they wanted.

The results were fast and lasting, as they will be for your business too.

Our aim always is to increase sales as quickly as possible.

This is why we recommend getting your website selling as much as possible first – then spend your SEO budget on Google Adwords to deliver spending customers right now.

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