If you Want a Rapid Increase in Turnover, then PPC Advertising can Deliver Motivated Traffic.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising through Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, & MSN AdCenter helps you to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

Careful PPC Management allows you to control costs without hindering performance giving you maximum results for minimum cost, plus an excellent Return on Investment (ROI).
Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a service offered by Google (Adwords), Yahoo (Search Marketing), & MSN (adCenter) where website owners bid for desrirable keywords in order to drive targeted web site traffic to their websites via the small advertisements that appear on the right hand side of search engine results pages.

In essence the highest bidder for each keyword is rewarded by having their PPC advertisement appearing highest in the search engine results for that keyword, with a charge being applied only when the advertisement is clicked (hence Pay Per Click).

Pay Per Click advertising may therefore appear at first glance to render Search Engine Optimisation obsolete, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Whilst PPC advertising can be viewed as a short cut to bypass search engine optimization, it can also be seen as a penalty for not optimizing your website properly – instead of getting Free, organic traffic, you have to pay for every visitor whether they buy or not, & there are a couple of other considerations to make.

Firstly, PPC keywords can have wildly differing bid requirements, with some of them costing several £pounds per click AND on top of that achieving a very high number of searches, & therefore very high click through rates.

This combination can rapidly rack up a seriously high Pay Per Click bill, running into $10’s of Thousands of Dollars PER MONTH in some cases.

Unless you have an excellent conversion rate of visitors into sales & a high value, good margin product, then you can easily find your PPC Campaign in trouble.

This is why careful PPC Management is absolutely critical.

Secondly, & unknown to many “PPC Gurus,” the cost per click that you will end up paying is directly linked to your websites content. That is to say that if you bid on the keyword phrase “sports news” but in reality your website is predominantly optimised around selling sporting memorabilia, then you will end up paying more for your traffic than if your website was truly geared around the latest sporting news.

The reason for this is to stop people deliberately trying to “spam” visitors onto their website by using misleading advertisements.

Pay Per Click advertising however, when used correctly, is a fantastic tool to gain highly targeted & highly motivated (to buy) web site traffic almost instantly, we have worked with companies who have seen their turnover quadruple overnight.

SEO Experts PPC Management Service controls every aspect of your PPC Campaign ensuring maximum results for minimum costs.

Please be sure to read our PPC pages for more detailed information about the different aspects of Pay Per Click Advertising.