Bad Reviews And Malicious Comments Will Cost You Money


orm online reputation management service companyDo you have bad reviews that are damaging your business and costing you money?

If the answer is yes, and you’d like to solve this very costly problem, we can help you!

Online reviews are becoming more and more important in the impact that they have on businesses, with one study discovering that just 1 bad review can cause a 22% drop in business (you can download our FREE report with the statistics on the impact of bad reviews here).

It doesn’t matter how good your SEO is if people are being put off buying from you.

It’s a fact that as the web has become more social, with more and more people sharing their experiences on sites like Trip Advisor, Facebook, Twitter, Google reviews, and a host of other review sites, we are now in a situation where most people trust reviews as much as they trust a word of mouth recommendation.

Sadly people are far more likely to go to the trouble of leaving a review if they are unhappy rather than pleased with their experience, which can produce an unfairly negatively biased impression of your business.

And this is bad news for business owners who face disgruntled ex-employees, overly vengeful customers, or malicious competitors.

If you have had the experience of a bad review on sites like Trip Advisor then you’ll know just how difficult it is to get those reviews removed, often they refuse point blank to deal with the problem, leaving you with unfair damage to your online reputation, and facing a large drop in business as a result.

This problem is made worse when the bad reviews show up in the results in Google, and they also reduce the ranking of businesses on sites like Trip Advisor, leading to a further loss of business.

It is absolutely critical then for you to actively manage your online reputation, not just to avoid a catastrophic loss of business from bad reviews, but because positive reviews can increase business by roughly the same 22%.

This is where we can help you.

We can design a reputation management system tailored to your business and your needs to tackle the costly problem of negative and bad reviews, and to encourage your customers to leave you positive reviews instead.

And this is something that ALL businesses with an online presence need, because otherwise those damaging negative reviews will continue to cost you more and more money, maybe even threatening the very survival of your business, and the situation will only get worse over time.

By taking action today we can help you to address the problems your reputation faces, we can not just repair the damage but increase the numbers of positive reviews you receive, and this in turn will lead to an increase in business rather than a decline in your revenue.

How much does it cost? That all depends on how complex a reputation management system you need, but you can be absolutely certain that it will cost you far less than your negative reviews are costing you.

Please feel free to call us, or email learn how we can help you to get rid of bad reviews, and turn your business around.

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