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Organic Search engine optimization (optimisation) (SEO) is the process of making sure that every on-page & off-page element of your website measured by search engines is correctly formatted in order to achieve high, natural search engine rankings without having to use pay per click or other forms of paid advertising.

Organic SEO is the most cost effective & successful way to make your online business flourish.

Organic or Natural Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO is the natural, legitimate method of optimizing your website for better search engine rankings while meeting the standards expected & outlined by companies like Google & Yahoo.

It is sometimes referred to as “white hat” optimization, as opposed to “black hat” optimisation which uses dubious or deliberately improper methods to achieve higher rankings.

The starting place really to achieve perfect organic search engine optimization is at the web design stage, carefully planning the web site structure, coding, internal linking structure, meta tags, keywords, & content before actually building the website.

This approach allows you to be clear about what the web site is to achieve, how the webpages relate to one another, & gives you the opportunity to make sure that your optimization is as good as it can possibly be.

SEO Expert offer an SEO web design service for businesses that are either building their first web site, or who want to completely overhaul their existing site.

Obviously however, this is not always possible & it may be preferable to optimize an existing site, in which case our website optimization service is needed.

The first place to start with organic search engine optimization is to look at the structure of your website, to make sure that the webpages are laid out & interconnected in a logical & search engine friendly way – this simple starting point can have dramatic effects on the ranking of your website.

Next is to analyse your web sites SEO coding, making sure that there are no obvious mistakes for which your website may be penalised. This includes looking at the meta tags, such as <title>, <description>, <H1>, <H2>, and other factors. These tell the search engine what your website is about.

It is important also to ensure that your website content & keywords are relevant to each other, & that they also tally up with the meta descriptions, linking structure, coding, & hierarchy of the website.

There are many other on-page & off-page SEO factors to consider, which when correctly optimized & looked at in unison by the search engines, will result in much improved search engine positioning.

With all of these search engine optimization requirements to consider it is clear that Organic SEO is a major undertaking, especially when you consider that there are many SEO elements which need to be applied not just individually, but also in conjunction with other search engine optimization techniques.

For these reasons we recommend that you at least try our Free SEO Report before attempting to embark upon any website optimization of your own.

It would be a disaster, & extremely frustrating if you spent the time & effort to try search engine optimization yourself, only to find that you got it wrong & have not only damaged your search engine rankings, but also your online sales.

One other area to quickly touch upon regards search engine optimization of database driven websites. Suppose that your domain name is:

This might be the website address that you see when you search for your web site in Google. It might also appear like this:

This appears to be the same webpage to a Human Being, but to the search engines they are 2 distinctly different webpages.

If you now go into your website & click on the HOME page link from the menu bar you might end up with something like this: or:

This is yet another different page as far as the search engine is concerned. It could also appear like this:

Again, this is another different version of your home page. In all you have 4 different pages:


Why does this matter?

Imagine the difference it will make to your search engine rankings if all external links point to the same page instead of being diluted by being divided between 4 pages! This is a common problem that most web designers seem oblivious to.

Another database driven website problem is the long alpha-numeric address codes that you sometimes find, such as:

This kind of web address gives the search engine no meaningful information to index. How much better if your website address followed the format:

SEO Experts are one of the only SEO Companies to understand SEO problems of this depth, & we also offer an optimization solution to the problem, a non intrusive solution for existing database driven websites ensuring no loss of data or database corruption.

There is another very important consideration to make when optimizing your website, which is that you need to not only optimize to be search engine friendly, but also to optimise to be Human Being friendly as well.

There is little point in driving traffic to your website if none of that traffic converts into customers, & this is a common area where many websites fail.

It is amazing how many businesses have an online presence with website design that is extremely poorly executed, poor quality content, & a confusing or off putting sales message or “call to action.” You can see how your web site will perform with the rather obvious “equations” below:

Poor Search Engine Ranking x Poor Web Site Content = Low No. of Visitors x Low Conversion Rate = Poor Online Sales

Poor Search Engine Ranking x Good Web Site Content = Low No. of Visitors x Okay Conversion Rate = Some Online Sales

Good Search Engine Ranking x Poor Web Site Content = High No. of Visitors x Low Conversion Rate = Some Online Sales

Great Search Engine Ranking x Great Web Site Content = High No. of Visitors x High Conversion Rate = Great Online Sales

Clearly Search Engine Optimization needs to not only provide a high volume of web site traffic, but also consider the Human user of your website!

Your website needs to instill confidence in your customers & to promote professionalism, trustworthyness, & to have a clear message promoting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Think of your website as an extension of your physical business – would you allow your business premises to look shabby or uninviting to customers?

SEO Experts not only offer a full web design service, but also website optimization for existing websites, & a website content re-writing service.

Our website content re-writing is performed by a graduate PhD in English literature who is also an experienced business woman with extensive experience in sales & marketing.

In summary, organic search engine optimisation is a major task with a multitude of SEO factors to consider, but the resulting benefits to your online business, through improve search engine rankings & web site traffic, make it well worth the time, effort, & cost.

SEO Experts are specialists in Search Engine Optimisation, our SEO Consultants can help you to achieve high search engine rankings & deliver the kind of high volume, motivated web site traffic that most businesses only dream of.

Be sure to take a look at our Conversion Rate Optimisation page to see what we can do to really boost your online sales.

You can learn lots more about CRO at Conversion Rate Experts. It’s well worth a read.

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