You might have noticed recently that Google have started to press the issue over site speed and how well websites will rank, but just how important is site speed?

We’ve had discussions recently with people who have been contacted by a number of hosting companies who supposedly have very fast servers.

What they are basically doing is trying to frighten people into moving all of their sites to them, because if they don’t “they’ll stop showing up in Google!”

Whilst Google are pushing for a faster web, since this enhances the surfing experience, it is, as they readily point out, only one of over 200 factors that determine ranking, so clearly no one is going to drop off the Earth because their site is too slow – at least not yet!

We should always bear in mind that Googles core business objective is to deliver relevant results – not the fastest websites – and if they did just return the fastest sites, then clearly that would be at the expense of the most relevant results, which would clearly be unacceptable.

So at the moment your site speed should not be anything to worry too much about from a ranking and seo point of view.

However… it is always desirable to give your visitors the best experience possible, which includes not having to sit their waiting for each page to load.

There is no doubt that a slow site will result in lower conversion rates, and so there is a compelling reason to make your site as fast as it can be anyway.

For many people the thought of moving their site to a new server will send shivers down their spine, and with good reason, but there are a couple of ways that you can speed up your website tremendously without having to move servers at all!

Well cover these in the next blog post “3 Easy Ways to Significantly Speed up your Website”

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