Matt Cutts of Google has pre-announced the next major change to the Google algorithm, a change intended to “level the playing field” between genuine high quality sites and spam filled junk sites, like affiliate sites and sites that are “made for adsense.”

It is intended to give genuine business owners an advantage over those who are doing better simply because they have aggressively SEO’d their websites.

Two of the parameters that Google will be looking at are pages with too many keywords on them (I’m sure you’ll have seen the kind of thing, sites which repeat the same keywords over and over again at every conceivable opportunity because they believe it will help their ranking), and also sites that have engaged in too much link swapping or link exchanging.

If your website suffers from either of these problems then you might probably want to go and amend it NOW! before the changes take effect (they’re expected to go live within the next few weeks).

This is really great news and should help Google to make their results even more relevant and useful, and really should be a wake up call for many.

In fact, if you think that your site might suffer from the issues mentioned above, and/or you have been thinking of getting your website professionally optimised, then now is a great time to do it.

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