google mobile friendly update 21st april 2015Are you ready for the new Google update due on the 21st April 2015 that will favour sites that are mobile responsive (i.e. can be viewed properly on a mobile device like a phone or tablet) in search results made from a mobile device?

In other words, if you make a search from your phone then the only results that you will see in Google will be sites that display well on mobile phones, everything else will be kicked down the rankings.

With 50% to 60% of all searches being made from mobile devices this could be a real kick in the teeth for many websites and businesses, but depending on your website and whether it’s built with WordPress, Joomla, HTML, or something else, then the solution could be a lot easier than you thought – we may be able to help you from as little as £295 to get your site over these hurdles without any pain, fuss, or hassle.

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Is it Right?

Moving on from what Google are going to do, lets consider the question of whether it’s the right thing to do or not.

In the beginning (of the internet) a search engine was designed to display the most relevant results because they were then delivering what the person doing the search wanted – that is to say the most useful information.

What they are doing now is determining what they display not just on the most useful information, but also on how pretty it looks on the screen.

Now, while it is a pain to have to look at a website on a mobile phone that won’t resolve properly, it’s the information itself that’s important really, isn’t it?

So let’s think about this in extremes to see what the implications could be, even though it’s an extremely unlikely situation.

Suppose that you’re in the outback in deepest darkest Australia and your friend and companion is bitten by a poisonous snake.

You immediately ring the nearest hospital which is hundreds of miles away, and it’s going to take them 4 hours to reach you, by which time your friend will be dead.

You heard before you set out that there’s this amazing website full of Aboriginal traditional remedies for things like snake bites that (as it turns out) will save your friends life, so you search for it since you also have internet access.

However, the site that will save your friends life doesn’t look pretty on your phone, so Google drops it and instead shows you a really pretty website that is of no use whatsoever (in fact it’s full of adverts, probably Google Adsense ads), and you can’t find the Aboriginal website that would save your friends life.

Has the Google search engine fulfilled it’s purpose in this situation and delivered to you the crucial, life saving information that you needed, or have they delivered something that they have deemed more important because it looks nicer on your phone?

Have Google fulfilled their obligation to search users, or have commercial interests overtaken the delivery of information?

Which website would you have rather been allowed to see?

Should you have a choice?

Should Google be able to make that choice for you?

The reality is that it doesn’t matter what you think because Google are going to do it anyway, so if you have an important message to deliver, whether it’s an important message for someone else or for your business, then you’d better make sure that you’re dancing to the Google tune or they’ll slap you down like yesterdays jam: