Redesigning a tired old engineering website into a responsive and modern visually appealing site

JRF Fabs ( are a West Yorkshire metalworking fabrications company based in Keighley.

They produce a range of high quality, regulation meeting fire escapes, steel (indoor or outdoor) staircases (for industrial, domestic, leisure, education, and business uses), bespoke hand-made, made to measure gates, railings, ballustrades, balconies, electric driveway gating solutions, and cantilever (floating) staircases (the ones that seems to just float out of the wall), as well as industrial shelving, trolleys, and various other types of made-to-specification metal products.

The previous website had worked quite well in terms of gaining enquiries, but looked dated and tired, it was aimed more at architects, health and safety inspectors, etc and had a “datasheet” look feel about it.

However, it wasn’t visually very appealing, and with the rise of more and more mobile devices being used for Google searches, and the importance of visual appeal, metal fabs wanted a new website to both answer the questions of professionals like building designers, fire inspectors, and architects, while also displaying the range of high quality and visually attractive solutions they provide.

To this end we have produced a website that addresses all of these issues.

On the one hand it has specific pages designed to address individual requirements (which will also help with Google rankings), it allows each specific product range to be displayed, and also for the intricate and carefully thought out design, planning, and manufacture stages to be presented to architects, builders, and other technically driven professionals as well.

In this way both the end user, and the designer can see and have all of their questions answered.

As part of this package we have also helped to set up a Google Ads campaign to drive laser focused traffic to the relevant pages.

Designed to satisfy the end user and specifiers alike, optimised for ease of use, google rankings, and maximum conversion rate