Alan Sugar The ApprenticeThe Apprentice was won last night by Mark Wright, whose business plan is to set up a digital marketing agency to help companies with their SEO and online rankings and presence.

So in other words he is setting up an SEO company.

I have to say I thought it an odd choice for Lord Sugar, since Mark may well be a great salesman, and he may well have experience of being a manager at a “digital marketing agency”, but who you have to wonder is going to be doing the important bit – the actual SEO?

In one part of the show Mark said that he’d be aiming to do SEO for mechanics for example for £3000 per month, and that in this they would have a consultant and manager (or some other people) who would visit the client twice per month, all of this because he wanted his agency to be “different”.

I really don’t think he’s thought this out too well.

First of all how many mechanics can afford to or would want to pay £3000 per month just to rank higher in Google?

Secondly how many of them would want someone rolling up at their place of business, taking up their time twice per month?

Surely if that’s why it’s so expensive (I imagine they’d be thinking), why don’t you visit me zero times per month and make it cheaper.

Finally how is this all going to work and be different if, as Mark suggested, he is going to outsource the work?

We, for example, don’t outsource any of our work, we do it all in house because we need to know that our clients are getting a quality service, which is something that you just cannot guarantee when you outsource.

As a final comment on Mark & Lord Sugars new business venture, it is patently obvious before you start to do any SEO or online marketing for a client you need to do your research.

You need to know which keywords your client needs to rank for, and to think about their brand and how it is understood by prospective customers.

So how ironic is it then that Mark and his team chose the name “Climb Online” as the company name, had people climbing a wall making it look more like a company interested in rock climbing, and that both possible website names: and are already taken and are indeed websites about rock climbing.

Did they actually bother to do any research at all or think about what they were doing?

It seems that what Mark has done is give these 2 websites 1 hours worth of free prime time BBC advertising, driving his prospective customers to the websites of other organisations.

It’s to be hoped that he doesn’t do that with his eventual clients.

If you end up reading this Mark then you should get in touch, because if you really do want to be different then we have something that will be of great interest to you.

What have you to lose by taking 5 minutes to listen? You might actually learn something useful that will help you.