How do you make someone click here?Once you have your site ranking how exactly do you get them to click on your Google result to get them to your website?

Here’s an interesting case study that works for local websites – but of course there are different methods available for different customers.

I don’t want to regurgitate what I’ve already written on this case study, so please click the link to read the case study.

Let me just say though that getting page 1 rankings is only the start, once people can see you in the results you want them to click it and visit you, and so you need to use your meta titles and meta description carefully.

What does this mean?

Well, there are different ways to entice people to click your result, it might mean if you are a local company letting people see that you really are local and not one of those God awful sites that try to pop up everywhere on earth for every conceivable location based search.

It might mean focusing on the benefits you can offer clients, or it could mean many other things.

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