How We Achieved a 600%+ Improvement... In Less Than 3 Months... With ZERO Backlinks, Just Content Distribution.

We’ll come back to this later and do a much more detailed explanation, but for now, as you can see in the Google chart above, this site achieved a >600% improvement in under 3 months.

With no backlinks, no funny business, just using content distribution.

What is content distribution? We’ll come onto that later…

For now, looking at the graph (which goes back to November 2020), you can see 3 arrows, these represent:

  1. The start date of our work, the 14th January 2022.
  2. The dip corresponds with the client switching his hosting to GoDaddy managed WordPress, and subsequently Google being unable to crawl the site and dropping pages. We switched the nameservers through Cloudflare, and it fixed the problem right away.
  3. The site performance today – and it’s still climbing higher and higher.

This improvement in site performance (it’s showing impressions in the graph) has led to a 429% increase in visitor numbers, and a rapid, and continuing increase in average rank position across ALL pages.

With our specific “ranking method” (all above board and white-hat), some of the targeted pages have gone from the bottom of page 2, to 4th on page 1, in less than a fortnight.

All with nothing more than content distribution and smart thinking.

What Is Content Distribution?

Content distribution is a smart method of researching important topics and phrases, then creating pages to cover all of those topics, in smart clusters.

Lots of pages, added as quickly as possible, in clusters of topics that are tightly grouped around a main thought or idea or – well, topic, but with the pages meeting strict quality guidelines, and specific layout requirements.

In the case above we’ve only added 150 pages out of the 1000+ we plan to add.

Can you imagine the performance of that site when the rest of the pages go live and have aged?

Because one thing you need to realise is that pages need up to 12 months, and in some niches 18 months to season and age to Googles liking.

If this site looks like this in less than 3 months, can you even imagine where they will be in 18 months?

All with nothing more than smart content, in smart clusters, and ZERO backlinks.

We’ll come back to this again and update and expand on what we’re doing, but for now you might like to read some of our SEO articles that explain some of the principles of how SEO really works, how you can increase website traffic using simple “no SEO” methods, and how to increase sales on your website (important for creating pages using the content distribution method).

That’s it for now, be sure to check back to see how this site is doing, and to learn more of our no-SEO secrets used on this case study.