negative comments in Google

This is a bit of a different case study and refers to someone who had negative or bad comments about him appearing in the first page of results of Google – I’ll refer to him as JB.

These comments couldn’t be removed, and the originator of them couldn’t be forced to remove them, and so JB approached us to solve the problem for him.

Basically what we did was to drive other, more positive comments and articles about him onto page 1 of Google, thereby displacing the negative comments onto page 2, then onto page 3.

We achieved this within 3 months, saving his reputation and career.

Since the vast majority of people don’t look beyond the first page of results, this effectively ended his problems caused by negative comments left by other people.

In the online world reputation is everything, and so reputation management is something that you must take very seriously.

Someone leaving negative comments about you, whether truthful or defamatory, can have a damaging and lasting effect.

We’re pleased to say that we can resolve these problems quickly, effectively, and at very competitive prices.

Don’t allow unscrupulous competitors and trouble causers to damage your name, business, and company, let us take care of it for you now.

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