hatton garden metals

We were the SEO provider for Hatton Garden Metals, who are arguably the leading scrap gold company in the UK, taking them from nowhere to the top end of page 1 of Google.

While the scrap gold market is awash with charlatans and conmen, Hatton Garden Metals (HGM) have demonstrated that they continuously offer the public a far better price for scrap gold than virtually any other company.

Check Money Saving Expert for actual user reviews.

Even though a recent Which? Magazine report named Tesco Gold Exchange as the best scrap gold dealer in the UK, HGM offer 20% more money for scrap gold as I write this, and were amazingly not included in the Which? Survey (read more about the Which? Tesco Gold Exchange story).

Anyway, I mention the above so that you can see that we are an SEO provider that works closely with the best, most ethical, and most honest companies not just in the UK, but also in the World, and that we work even in the most competitive of markets, markets that are valued at £Hundreds of Millions, or even £Billions of Pounds (see our other case studies).

When we started working for HGM they were on around page 14 in the results if you searched for “scrap gold” (without the quotation marks) – today they fluctuate between 1st & 2nd on page 1 of Google, swapping places with ScrapGold.org.uk.

At this point I should mention ScrapGold.org.uk to you – you see, this site is a site that we at SEO Experts created, and ranked at the top of Google, even though it was only a 5 or 6 page site, and it does not participate in buying or selling scrap gold! (we have since sold this website and have nothing more to do with it).

We have competed with huge American and domestic scrap gold companies that spend literally £Tens of Millions of Pounds on tv advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising, celebrity endorsements, internet marketing, and the rest – and we beat them hands down by dominating the 1st & 2nd places of page 1 in Google with ScrapGold.org.uk & HGM.

And it isn’t just for the keywords “scrap gold” that we dominate the rankings – search for scrap gold dealers, scrap gold London, buy scrap gold, sell scrap gold, etc, etc, etc – and you’ll see that HGM & ScrapGold.org.uk occupy the top 2 places for most, if not all of them.

When we first started working for HGM they were relying heavily on Pay Per Click advertising like Google Adwords, spending a not insignificant amount of money on it.

Today they spend nothing on paid internet advertising, because they no longer have to.

Hatton Garden Metals in particular are a great case study for any aspiring or active internet reliant business.

By giving a service that is second to none, they have elicited completely un-solicited, fair, and honest reviews that are glowing in their recommendations.

These kinds of recommendations are like gold dust, and are what you should aspire to in everything that you do.

When people read a sales pitch on your website, they know that this is exactly what it is – a sales pitch. When they read, see, or hear reviews and recommendations from people they know and trust, they know that they can trust you too – and they will use you.

Give your customers what they want, coupled with a service that is second to none, and you will win customers hand over fist, and will see the kind of success that you want to achieve.

Finally, our gold related story doesn’t stop here.

We are also behind various other gold related websites which all rank highly on page 1 of Google for their main keywords (we have actually sold the gold sites we owned now, and no longer work for HGM).

So you see, we really had cornered the gold market in the UK, and if we can do this in such a huge, competitive, and sizeable market, imagine what we can do for you!

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