Our SEO Case Studies

We’d like to show you some of the successes we’ve achieved for some of our clients, so you can see what we can also do for you.

We can’t tell you about everyone we’ve worked for since some clients prefer not to be mentioned, and of course we’ll respect your wishes on this front too, but we’ve done SEO for companies in every conceivable niche, from the biggest scrap gold dealers in the UK, to 4 different e-cig (electronic cigarette) companies, to removals firms, a self help website, one of the biggest divorce solicitors in London, USB memory stick companies, industrial manufacturers, sheet metal workers, other engineering firms, electric vehicle charger installers, vinyl flooring suppliers, bathroom fitters, one of the (if not the) biggest Realtors in the USA (real estate agents or known in the UK as estate agents), authors, magicians, physiotherapists, Doctors, electric bed manufacturers, T-Shirt manufacturers, antiques dealers, interior designers, and even SEO for Funeral Directors – I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you!

(Let me quickly point out that some of our SEO techniques are so cutting edge that everyone else copies them, and they have been commented on by the likes of Rand Fishkin (one of the Worlds leading SEO Experts) – so you see we don’t just follow the trends, we actually set them).

Here is a list of our case studies where clients are identified, click the links to read more:

600% increase in sales in 1 month – Discover how we increased sales by over 600% in one month for this personal help website (client wishes to remain un-named).

Coldwell Banker BVI – See how we helped this US realtor to the no.1 spot in Google for their major keyword, and many other related keywords.

More Coldwell Banker – This is where you can find out how we helped another 5 Coldwell Banker websites to the first page of Google for their important keywords and phrases.

Yorkshire Clearances – A great case study not only of local SEO (and achieving top rankings) but also click-through rate optimisation and conversion rate optimisation – the 3 key areas that you HAVE to get right to succeed online.

Another removals firm – See how we increased rankings and sales for yet another removals firm.

Premier Autoclaves are a UK based autoclave engineers who specialise in autoclave (giant industrial pressure cookers they use to cook airplane wings and bulletproof vests, etc in) repair, refurbishments, calibration, testing, and parts supply.

We’ve also done SEO for a leading London solicitor with fantastic results, and you can read a click through study here.

There are many more but of course not everyone wants their SEO work on display.

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