I’ve had a couple of conversations recently with potential new customers that made me think, mainly about the SEO companies that they were thinking of using.

Of course it’s pretty clear that if an SEO company needs to use Pay Per Click advertising like Google adwords, then you shouldn’t even contemplate giving your hard earned money to them – if they can’t do anything for their own website, then how can they do anything for yours?

But there’s another kind of SEO company that really winds me up, because I think that the way that they promote themselves is deceitful and designed solely to take money off people on the back of false promises.

The thing that these companies do that irritates me, is to give examples of their “successes” that go along the lines of:

“Here are some examples of our previous work. BlackHighHeeledFetishBoots.com now ranks on page 1 for “black high heeled fetish boots”, and another customer, StainedOakFloorsinBirmingham.com now ranks on page 1 for “stained oak floors in Birmingham” – aren’t we great!”

Well the answer is no, they aren’t great at all.

The truth is that any SEO company that advertises it’s services on the back of an obscure domain name ranking on page 1 for that obscure term shouldn’t be touched with a barge pole.

Any website with half sensible relevant content on it will rank for the keywords in it’s domain name, particularly when there is little, if any competition for that long or obscure term.

I don’t know how people could fall for this kind of blatant nonsense, it makes you wonder about the Human condition, but please make sure that you aren’t one of the people who does.

These kinds of companies cannot deliver any real benefit to your website.

Unfortunately the internet is awash with charlatans and crooks who would rather line their pockets with other peoples money than go and do a hard days work, or actually learn how to deliver a useful service, and even more unfortunate is that a lot of them seem to put themselves up as SEO companies.

I guess it’s the nature of the beast really. If you’re a web designer you can show people websites that you’ve designed. If you’re a photographer you can show people your portfolio.

But SEO is to a large part unquantifiable – there is no tangible product or “thing” to look at, and measuring the success of a service like this is not easy.

I guess one of the best measures is to ask yourself “how did I find this company?”

If you searched for SEO Experts, or SEO, etc and they were in the results, then this is all of the proof that you should need that they can do what they say.

If they make offers like “pay only 50% this month and the other 50% next month when you’re satisfied” then run in the opposite direction.

Any good SEO company doesn’t need to do a “half now half later” deal, their services are in constant demand.

Although a deal like this might make you feel more secure, what will actually happen is that you’ll pay half now and nothing next month because they won’t have delivered any results to you.

And while it seemed a good deal at the beginning, they still have your 50%.

They’ve still ended up with your money and you’re unhappy.

The word to the wise, and the point of this rambling post, is to search for an SEO company in a search engine, and when you find one in the natural results make sure that you use them – they appear high in the results for a very good reason…

Because they are good at what they do.

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