I just posted about the latest Google update and wanted to quickly post an update or afterthought to it.

Google are regularly changing the algorithm, and it’s always for the same thing – to try and improve the quality of the results. This one has been to tackle dubious links, keyword stuffing, and sites that are too focused on ads.

And really all of the SEO problems that Google tackle are always symptoms of the same problem. That problem is that the internet is awash with people trying to make money online, and trying to make money by offering poor quality content on sites to get people there, and then to try and sell them something once they’re on the site.

This idea that the internet is a magical place where you can make money without having to do anything, or give anything of value in exchange for the visitors money is the core problem.

Can you imagine opening a shop, tricking people into the store with promises of amazing products, best prices, products that you don’t actually stock, etc, and then once they’re through the door trying to get money out of them without giving them anything in return?

It just wouldn’t work. And even if you did manage to con some people, it wouldn’t be long before they were back beating down your doors demanding their money back.

I think the problem is two-fold.

Firstly the internet is still really in it’s infancy. It’s a bit like the early wild west where there was a gold rush somewhere every week for years.

And those people who are creating those crappy sites are the prospectors, delerious with the idea that they can strike it rich, really more through luck than putting in any level of hard work.

Secondly, people don’t really understand how the internet or computers work. It kind of is magic. They push some buttons on their keyboard and things appear on their screen or on the internet somewhere.

They don’t understnd or want to know about the clicking and whirring going on in the background, they just want to push that button.

And so when they come across a flashy looking website telling them that this new product or software is the answer to all of their financial problems, or will propel their website to no.1, or make them younger, or healthier, or fitter (usually all from the comfort of their arm chair) they tend to believe it and get sucked into the vicious cycle that Google are continuously fighting against.

It is a major problem, and if only people would realise that making a business online is no different to making a business offline, and concentrate on delivering quality to their customers, then it would be a much better place.

This is why we have set up a nw website that we’ll be building and adding to over time.

It is going to be all about starting a business (online or offline), covering even things like how to work out gross margins, should you have a limited company or be a sole trader, right through to marketing, sales, building a good website, and all of the rest.

It will also have a section on how to make money online, and will advise people to avoid the crud like affiliate marketing, filling in forms or surveys, and the other nonsense that people get sucked into.

And although it’s annoying for internet users, and fills the web with spam, you really do have to feel sorry for some of them.

They aren’t there out of malice, or doing things to annoy or decieve, they need to make money and are doing what they have been told works – they are oblivious to the fact that what they have been shown is pure rubbish.

We’ve started the new site off by talking about scams and get rich quick scams, since this is where these people will end up finding themselves, and rather than learning how to make money, they’ll end up even worse off than they were when they started.

Anyway, we hope in some small way that this helps!

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