This is just a quickie, and comes off the back of our recent findings when dealing with a variety of different websites. I don’t know if it’s just one of those odd coincidences that we’ve encountered the same problem over and over again and consequently it’s stuck out like a sore thumb, or whether it’s something more endemic, but I thought I’d post it anyway.

Often when people come to us asking about SEO the real thing they want is more customers.

And often they can’t understand why they get visitors to their websites, but somehow they don’t translate into orders.

Well here’s a red hot tip for you that might help you to instantly boost your sales by a huge margin:

Make sure that your contact form works!

Yes, we’ve had about 8 instances over the last week or so where we’ve investigated websites only to find that the form won’t submit, the captcha doesn’t work (or is totally illegible), the form crashes, the form causes a server error, etc, etc, etc.

It really is quite amazing that something so simple could be the achilles heel of probably quite a large number of websites.

Make sure you aren’t one of them!

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