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Why Doesn’t My Website Appear On Google?

Why won't my website appear in Google?Okay this is a quick freebie for you that could save you a small fortune in SEO fees – I’m trying to do myself out of business here!

I’ve just had a guy on the phone asking about SEO packages since he told me “I just don’t understand it – why won’t my website show up in the Google results?

After 30 seconds of looking at his website I’ve sent him on his way at no cost and with at least the green shoots of recovery in his grasp.

His problem was one that we’ve encountered many times before, and so I’m going to tell you for free what the problem was – if you’re struggling go and check this for yourself and you might just save yourself having to spend anything at all on SEO.

The Symptoms:

The website would not show in Google, not just for keywords, but even if you searched for “” – there was nothing there at all.

The site was not appearing for anything at all.

The Solution:

What this guys web designer had done was to set the robots.txt of his website to “noindex” which basically says to Google “do not index or show this website in the results”.

To check this for yourself on your website you need to go to your website, right click on your mouse and select “view page source” (or whatever option your browser gives you for this), then do a search for “noindex”.

If you can see that string of text in the source code (the code of your website) then you have this problem.

Simply go to your web designer and tell them to remove it – job done!

Within days your website will appear in Google and other search engines and you can then see where you rank and if you need SEO for your site.

If you do need SEO to improve your rankings then please remember who it was who told you how to find and fix this problem, and then come and talk to us for a no-nonsense and fairly priced SEO solution to your needs.

Sorry this is short and sweet, but there’s really not much else to tell you!