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What is the Google Dance?

Sometimes you’ll find that if you do a search for a keyword your website will appear in position X. You search again 30 minutes later and you see you’re in position XX. 3 hours later and you’re back in position X. An hour after this and you’re

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Google Mobile Friendly Update – Are YOU Ready for the 21st April 2015?

Are you ready for the new Google update due on the 21st April 2015 that will favour sites that are mobile responsive (i.e. can be viewed properly on a mobile device like a phone or tablet) in search results made from a mobile device? In other words,

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There’s More to Life than Ranking

Okay, let’s face it, the big bogey that is SEO – what is the point in ranking in Google if what you have to offer isn’t what the searcher is looking for? It’s like funneling people to the end of a street promising them a McDonalds when

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Digital Marketing Agency “Climb Online” wins The Apprentice

The Apprentice was won last night by Mark Wright, whose business plan is to set up a digital marketing agency to help companies with their SEO and online rankings and presence. So in other words he is setting up an SEO company. I have to say I

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Click Through Case Study

Once you have your site ranking how exactly do you get them to click on your Google result to get them to your website? Here’s an interesting case study that works for local websites – but of course there are different methods available for different customers. I

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There’s a Rumble in the SEO Jungle….

…and could it be a game changer? What I am talking about is the patent applied for by Google relating to “implied links” which seeks to steer the search engine giant away from actual hypertext links, and into the arena of measuring (for example) brand mentions within

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