SEO Experts – What We Do

[Using these simple principles we’ve recently taken a client from zero sales in a new niche to £340,000 per year – contact us for more details]

The simple truth is that most people who think they need traditional SEO end up paying a lot of money for a service they do not need, and that will do little for them.

It might seem odd for an SEO Expert to say this to you, but in my 10 years in SEO I have heard the same thing hundreds of times:

  1. You think that you need SEO because it will help you to rank higher in Google;
  2. If you can rank higher in Google you will get more visitors to your website;
  3. If you get more visitors to your website you will get more customers;
  4. If you get more customers you have more sales;

So what all of my clients have really wanted (and I suspect is what you really want too) is:

More Sales!

Most people believe that SEO is the only way to achieve it. However…

There is an easier, faster, and cheaper way that will get you many more sales very quickly just from the visitors you already have.

This is what we can do for you.

We have moved away from the long, expensive, traditional SEO route because there is a simpler, faster, and cheaper way to give you what you want.

You’ll be able to see that what we do makes perfect sense.

First, there are a couple more very important things you need to understand that will explain why our approach will work better for you than traditional SEO.

  1. Google are permanently trying to stop websites from ranking through SEO techniques, so whatever SEO you pay for today, might not work tomorrow – in fact it might end up having a negative effect;
  2. At this moment in time any SEO will not show meaningful results for at least 3 to 4 months – this means you will need to keep paying for SEO for at least 6 months, and probably 12 months or more to see any real results.

Our more effective method will give you more sales almost immediately.

Just think about what this means.

Instead of taking a leap of faith with an expensive monthly SEO contract, and hoping that you’ll see better rankings and more sales at some point in the future…

You can see improved sales within days, and your increased profits can then pay for future improvements to your website so that it is self-funding from day 1.

Why spend a lot of money on SEO over many months in the hope it will pay off later, when you can spend a lot less and start to see results almost immediately? – Let your website provide the money first to make it even better later!


To learn more about how we will increase your sales for you quickly, easily, and at a much lower cost than with traditional SEO click here.