SEO Experts – How We Do It

If you read our “what we do” page you’ll have seen why SEO is an expensive and not very effective way to increase your sales – so what is?

Well, it’s really straightforward.

Simply put if you currently get 100 visitors to your website and only 1 person buys something then you have a conversion rate (the number of visitors who turn into customers) of just 1%.

(Believe it or not but this is a pretty standard conversion rate).

Most people think “If I pay for SEO and rank better I might get 200 visitors onto my website, then I’ll make twice as many sales and will have doubled my income.

This is absolutely true, but the problem as outlined on our “what we do” page is that SEO can take months or longer, if it works at all.

Our approach is much simpler, faster, and cheaper:

Instead of obsessing over your Google rankings, we instead focus on taking that 100 visitors and converting 3, 4, or more of them into customers.

Without doing any SEO at all you have just tripled or quadrupled your turnover AND profits – quickly, easily, and at minimum cost since (unlike with SEO) there are no monthly obligations or long term commitments.

In all honesty, once that you have your website sales maximised you are far better off taking the money that you were going to use on SEO and instead spending it on a Google Adwords campaign.

This will instantly deliver targeted customers to your website, increasing your sales even further.

It’s important you understand this clearly – if you can increase your conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who become customers) AND increase the number of visitors as well, then your sales will grow exponentially.

I’m making it sound very easy but it requires a scientific approach with an understanding of the psychology of sales and the psychology of how people use websites.

It also requires a clear understanding of exactly what makes people buy, and what stops them from buying, what makes them stay on a website and dig deeper and what makes them leave.

You don’t need to worry about any of this of course – that’s our job – but rest assured that 99.9% of all websites have put absolutely no thought at all into how to make visitors buy – and this is the most important consideration of all!

Web designers obsess over making a website look “pretty” with pretty images, fancy graphics, and an up to date design, and SEO Experts focus on rankings and trying to drive more people to your website – but none of these things will actually make your visitors buy anything.

What we focus on and are experts in is actually making people buy from you, because the top and bottom of it is this is the only thing that matters.

This works by doing 2 things.

1) We look at the layout of your home page and sales pages and provide you with a detailed layout plan for maximum sales.

In some cases this might require some slight web design adjustments, but in many cases it just requires the content of the pages to be laid out differently and added to.

If any web design work is needed we can help with that if you need us to.

2) We also help you re-write and lay out your content for maximum sales, and with any elements that need to be added to give visitors the confidence to buy from you.

This is really what will make the maximum difference for you and will increase your sales dramatically. There are some case studies later to show you how this will help you.

The additional good news is that our process actually does help to improve your websites SEO naturally so it will rank better in Google under its own steam as well.

So you have 2 options really if you want to increase your online sales:

  1. Go down the traditional SEO route and spend probably Thousands of Pounds over many months in the hope you will get more visitors and more sales sometime in the future;
  2. Using our methods you spend a much smaller one off fee and start seeing improved sales almost immediately – and you will almost certainly see improved rankings as well.

This is what we are experts in doing for you, and hopefully it is exactly what you want.

To show you how effective this can be we have a couple of case studies here and here.

One final thing to consider is that once you have your website layout perfected for maximum sales, you can then easily increase your sales even further.

As mentioned previously the fastest and most cost effective way is to spend your SEO budget on driving targeted customers to your website via Google Adwords for immediate, real results, rather than hoping that through SEO you might get some more sales at some time in the future.

Adwords can be hugely effective in driving sales if set up properly, and we can also help you to get the most from a Google Adwords PPC campaign.

It makes much more sense to spend your money on delivering paying customers right now, rather than spending it on SEO that might deliver more customers in 6 months time – and also might not.