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SEO Experts – Case Study 1

These simple changes resulted in a more than 600% increase in sales in 1 month – with no change in Google rankings!

People see SEO as being the only way to increase their sales – if they can rank higher in Google then they will sell more, but as you’ll see below there is a faster, easier, more cost effective way.

We have permission to use this case study, but for commercial reasons not to name the website.

The business offers a relationship advice service aimed at individuals, so is a person to person service rather than a business to business service.

The core problems we identified with the website were:

  1. It didn’t get across its message clearly about what it did and how it could help potential clients;
  2. There was nothing on the website to give credibility for the service or the person providing the services, it left the visitor to take a “leap of faith”;
  3. The website was too impersonal;
  4. There were no case studies or testimonials to show how the service had worked in the past;
  5. The buying process was convoluted and visitors were asked to buy too early;

Our solution:

  1. We helped to re-write the content to clearly explain what the service was and how it would help the visitor;
  2. We added 4 separate credibility signals to give the visitor the confidence to buy, including case studies and testimonials;
  3. We helped to structure the content so that the visitor got to feel that they “knew” the person offering the service;
  4. We put the purchasing details and “buy” buttons in the right places to get the maximum response;
  5. We also simplified the buying process.

The result:

In the first month after these changes were made the website saw a 609% increase in sales, and this improvement in sales figures has continued.

It sounds quite straightforward, but the real skill is in identifying the problems and understanding how to correct them, and this required an in depth discussion with the service provider to understand exactly what their customers wanted.

Of course since each website is different and offering different products and services to different people, each job is different and the solution is unique.

The aim always is to increase sales as quickly as possible.

This is why we recommend getting your website selling as much as possible first – then spend your SEO budget on Google Adwords to deliver spending customers right now.

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