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New Customer

Ordinarily we don’t announce who our customers are, since they would then get inundated with emails and phone calls from every seo company this side of India trying to take their business.

In this case we decided to do a little case study, since the company is owned by my Brother in Law, so it’s as safe as houses.

The company in question is Autoclaves Group, who make – well, autoclaves of course!

What’s an autoclave?” I hear you cry.  

An autoclave is like a giant pressure cooker that is used for curing silicon moulds used in the aerospace industry & formula 1, for sterilising medical equipment, breaking down waste, and a whole host of other applications. 

Autoclaves Group are doing very nicely at the moment, they have launched a new website, and have just employed a new sales manager, Boyd Read who was sales manager at Aeroform (click the link to read the news) who have just gone into administration.

We have gone through the new site and made a number of changes to optimise it, and have then started work on the off-site optimisation.

Although the new optimised website hasn’t gone live yet, the off-site optimisation has worked a treat, with Autoclaves Group now doing much better in Google already. Some of the terms we’ve been working on:

Autoclaves – now 3rd (with only Wikipedia above them) from around 7th previously.

Autoclave – now 6th from around 65th.

Aerospace Autoclaves – now 5th from 18th

Industrial Autoclave – now 5th from 75th

These improvements took just 6 weeks to achieve, and we are continuing to work to improve them further and to help Autoclaves Group to the top of the search engine rankings.

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