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These are a selection of the questions we get asked the most about SEO.

1)      Can what you do damage my website or get it banned from Google?

No! As professional SEO Experts all of the work that we do conforms strictly to the guidelines provided by Google and other search engines.

We only use “ethical” or “white hat” SEO techniques.

It is pointless to try and trick your way to the top by breaking the rules – you might succeed for a short while, but eventually you’ll get caught, and then you have a major problem, since your website will probably be banned.

This is why you must be careful when you choose an SEO Company to work with.

2)      How Long Will it Take to Get My Website to the Top?

There is no easy answer to this unfortunately.

It comes down to how competitive your market and keywords are, how old your site is, and how much work we need to do on your site.

Generally speaking most sites will start to see an improvement within a month.

Getting to page 1 generally takes 3 to 4 months, but it could be much quicker if you have a well established website.

3)      Do I have to sign up to a long term contract?

No, you don’t have to sign any contract at all.

We want to make dealing with us as easy as possible, so at the beginning we’ll give you a time frame that we believe we’ll need to get your site to the top.

If we haven’t got you there in that time or you are not happy for any reason then you can leave at any time.

If we get you there quicker, then you can stop using our service right then.

All that we ask is that you pay for the current months work, after that it’s up to you.

4)      Why are you so much cheaper than other SEO companies?

We make sure that we keep our costs to a minimum so that we can pass the savings onto our customers.

We don’t have fancy offices, expense accounts, or company cars.

We don’t spend money on advertising or marketing  (90% of our business is from recommendations from our clients).

This allows us to give you a better service at a much lower cost than our competitors.