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Directory Submission

Thinking About Directory Submission? : Please Think Again Before Its Too Late!

Many SEO firms offer a directory submission service where they will list your website in potentially thousands of directories, creating backlinks to your website in the claim that it will help your search engine ranking.

In reality this practise does little to help your website, it is the SEO version of the lazy mans way to get rich. It simply doesn’t work & can actually damage your website by linking from so called “bad neighborhoods.”

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Directory Submission & Search Engine Placement

Many SEO Companies offer a directory submission service where they will submit your website to Hundreds, or even Thousands of internet directories, claiming that the back links will help to boost you search engine placement & generate lots of website traffic. There is even software available that will automatically handle the submissions for you.

Unfortunately SEO is not that simple. If you could simply press a button, have software submit your website to a few thousand directories, & hey presto, you’re no.1 in Google, then everyone would be doing it, & you wouldn’t be here right now reading this.

The truth about directory submissions is that 99.9% of the links will count for exactly nothing, & rather than seeing your website shoot up the search engine results pages (SERPS), you might well see your website drop down a few pages, or, if you’re extremely unlucky & you’ve managed to link from identified “bad neighborhoods,” then you might disappear out of the rankings altogether, even for good!

The problem with this type of link cheating (because that what it is), is that you have no idea who or where you are linking from. Google however probably does, & if they discover a glut of people creating lots of sudden links from the same directories then they will almost certainly eventually blacklist them, & you along with them.

Thats not to say that directory submissions are all bad, there are a handful of directories that are highly respected & it’s well worth obtaining links from them.

The 2 most obvious are the Yahoo! Directory, which you have to pay a sizeable chunk of money to be in (& you pay up front – if they reject your website you don’t get your money back), & the DMOZ, sometimes called the Google Directory. This directory is free but it is extremely difficult to get your website listed.

The trick really is knowing which directories it is possible to get your site submitted to, & we routinely include submission to a dozen or so excellent directories as part of our website optimization package, which might not sound as impressive as a few Thousand, but the results are probably a Thousand times better.

We can also offer directory submission as a stand alone service, please contact us for more details.