Walsh Witney

Walsh Witney, private investigators Cambridge – Walsh Witney are a professional private investigations company based in Cambridge in the UK.

Offering a range of private, commercial and legal investigative services they needed their new website optimising since it was failing to show up in the search results.

Upon an investigation of our own we found that the site was built using an “off the shelf” WordPress theme that had been set up using all of the default content – the “Lorem Ipsum” type dummy content across literally dozens of pages with really weird and wonderful page names that had nothing whatsoever to do with the business or the niche.

All of these pages had been found and indexed by Google – so the 6 or 7 pages of actual content were surrounded and swamped by over 100 pages of identical dummy content.

The first thing we’ve done is to clean up the site, removing all of the unnecessary pages and make sure they now return a 404 page to Google.

Next we’ve changed the meta titles to reflect the content of the page, since prior to this they were all identical and simply repeated the same words – “Walsh Witney” 2 to 3 times.

The site can now be found in Google and is 2nd for it’s main keyword – all after just 2 months SEO from us!

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