Case Studies

We’re really trying hard to convince you that there’s a better, quicker, easier, and cheaper way that will generate a lot more sales and profits for you faster than standard, traditional SEO, and maybe you wonder what we do know about the old fashioned way of doing things?

Well, just in case you want to see what we can do with traditional, normal, old fashioned SEO and rankings – well, here it is.

(Let me point out that some of our old fashioned SEO methods were so cutting edge that everyone is now doing them, and they were commented on at the time by the likes of Rand Fishkin – you see we don’t just follow the trends, we actually set them).

We think it’s very important for you to see the work that we’ve done, so that you can see what we can do for you too.

Here is a list of our case studies, click the links to read more:

Coldwell Banker BVI – See how we helped this US realtor to the no.1 spot in Google for their major keyword, and many other related keywords.

More Coldwell Banker – This is where you can find out how we helped another 7 CB websites to the first page of Google for their important keywords and phrases.

Reputation Management – Your reputation online is everything, and can be damaged by negative comments and articles left by other people. Learn how we helped one client to protect his reputation by getting damaging content off the first page of Google.

Yorkshire Clearances – A great case study not only of local SEO but also click-through rate optimisation and conversion rate optimisation – the 3 key areas that you HAVE to get right to succeed online.

Walsh Witney are a firm of private and commercial investigators in Cambridge in the UK, learn how we helped them with their website.

Premier Autoclaves are a UK based autoclave engineers who specialise in autoclave (giant industrial pressure cookers they use to cook airplane wings and bulletproof vests, etc in) repair, refurbishments, calibration, testing, and parts supply.

Plus more.