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Toffee Nosed Twits - A.K.A The Conservatives

You know, since I started my SEO experiment of the Labour party to get them ranking for "Champagne Socialists" in Google, it's been suggested to me that I am being unfair in … [Read More...]

Ed Milliband - Champagne Socialist?

Since the general election is due next year, and in the spirit of true British Tom-Foolery, we decided to run an SEO experiment to poke a bit of fun at Ed Miliband, the … [Read More...]

SEO Quirks - Why all search engines are flawed and will always be able to be gamed

The image to the left depicts a Quark (at least I think it does), I thought this was a good image to lead into this topic with, the reason why will become clear later, but it … [Read More...]